Pascal Karp Watches Expertise


Pascal Karp

As a child, I used to while away the time with my uncle Joseph, a watchmaker at the Swiss watch counter on Rue de Laeken, in Brussels. One day, I opened a drawer and found, wrapped in a newspaper dated May '48, an exquisite Movado. It was love at first sight! It never left my wrist. It was then that I had the idea to sell so-called "vintage" watches, which of course weren't a thing back then. At the time, only quartz watches were in demand. I would make this my vocation, of that I was certain. Watches made of the purest, noblest and most precious of materials, objects made to last...that's what I love!

This nostalgia for a different time and aesthetic never left Pascal. His motto could be "curiosity, perseverance and humility". In this highly speculative market, Pascal has the talent and expertise to unearth, not necessarily the most expensive watch, but the watch whose originality, perfect mechanism and aesthetic combine to form the essential characteristics of the unique timepiece that you are looking for, and will treasure for many years; the watch that best matches your personality. Pascal, pioneer of vintage watches in Brussels, is today well-known in Belgium and internationally. Pascal started out as a novice in the 1970s, became a specialist and turned professional in 1989. Many beautiful watches have been acquired by Pascal over the last 30 years and are today owned and cherished by his friends, fellow collectors and watch-lovers alike.